Unusual Male Thrush Symptoms to Look Out For

12 Dec

male thrush symptomsContrary to popular belief, men can get thrush.  It is, however, quite rare.  There are two types of thrush that men can get: throat and penile thrush.  Here are some of the common male thrush symptoms you need to look out for.

Candida Albicans is the scientific name for the fungus responsible for yeast infections.  This fungus is naturally present in healthy adults, however, it is usually kept in check by “good” or “helpful” bacteria that also naturally occur in our bodies.  When our good bacteria is out of balance (usually if you’ve taken antibiotics or have some kind of immune deficiency), the yeast infection can often grow unchecked resulting in thrush in men.

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Male Thrush Symptoms in the Throat

The biggest clue of thrush in men is the presence of white or creamy spot in the mouth, throat, or tongue.  Sometimes these spots may cause pain if they are agitated by eating or swallowing food or by other activities such as brushing your teeth.  Often these spots my bleed if they are irritated.

If the thrush spreads deep into the throat, you may feel that it is extremely difficult to swallow food.  Don’t worry though.  Even though it may seem difficult, there is not physiological reason why you are unable to swallow.  It is just a case of mind over matter.

Male Thrush Symptoms of the Penis

When thrush in men happens in the penis, it can result in swelling of the glands or head.  It is usually identified by redness, spots, and an occasional discharge that is the consistency of cottage cheese and may have a faint smell of starch.  A penile yeast infection can be more common in men that are not circumcised.  The thrush may potentially be spread through intercourse, and such activity should be avoided during the healing process.  You may also want to have your partner tested to make sure that they are okay as well.

How to Treat Male Thrush Symptoms

Thrush in men can be a particularly embarrassing condition.  However, there are simple ways to treat it at home.  First understand that the problem is the result of not having enough “good” bacteria to fight off the yeast infection.

A few ways to help restore this balance are to apply yogurt directly to the affected area.  Yogurt contains “live bacteria cultures” which will help you fight off the Candida Albicans.  However, make sure that you do not use yogurt that has sugar in it.  Yeast infections thrive on sugars, and using yogurt with sugar may actually make your condition worse.

I hope that you have a better understanding of male thrush symptoms now and that you can understand the condition better now.  I know that thrush in men can be an awkward thing to talk about, but there are plenty of homeopathic yeast infection treatments available these days that allow you to treat the problem discreetly in the privacy of you home.  With a little persistence, you can overcome this problem and get back to your life again.

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